Cruelty Vs. Opinion (Gabourey Sidibe & her Golden Globe Dress)

Cruelty Vs. Opinion (Gabourey Sidibe & her Golden Globe Dress)

We all watch the Golden Globe awards every year, some of us really enjoy the show while most of us come for the fashion. We tune into the red carpet watching Hollywood’s finest either rise to the occasion with that fierce and fabulous gown or be sentenced to fashion purgatory. The viewer becomes the fashion professional right on up there with Anna Wintour. Social media is where we cast our votes about everything from Presidential elections to becoming apart of the jury on a widely publicized case.

The Golden Globes were not exempt, the fashion was simply the best…well for some.



Fashion was a force to be reckoned with, for one night only everyone tuned in to cast their votes for the best or the worst dressed of the night. Our votes for best dressed at Dorm Room Television went to Lupita Nyongo she was absolutely stunning!!!!

1601418_10152145878219805_866834148_nShe single handedly took the cake when it came to shutting the red carpet down. And while we had our best dressed we also had a few gowns that no matter how much we loved who wore them hated the gowns.

Paula Patton made our list for the worst dressed. I know I had to say it with in hushed tone because I love Paula Patton but that gown was just awful. I didn’t like all the excess and I hated  this had to happen to Paula because we love Paula. I am still trying to figure out who encouraged her to wear this gown??? 


As everyone watched the red carpet casting votes on gowns and tuxedo’s there was a storm brewing and it unleashed. Actress Gabourey Sidibe best known for her lead role in the movie “Precious” and more recently her character in the series “American Horror Story”  was slammed for wearing her shimmery gown pictured below….

When I say social media was on fire that would still be less dramatic about the situation. People tweeted the most disgusting things about her and all because of a dress? To simply say that the worst came out of humans on social media was all because of a bad dress would not be enough for me to blog about this dress or the actress. It was bigger than the dress, we would have loved to call this a bad dress sent Gabby to fashion purgatory just like we did Paula and been done with it.

However when I saw that it had sparked a debate on whether Gabby was healthy and statements like….”she needs to go home and never come out” because of her weight I realized this attack was deeper than a bad dress. The reason why she couldn’t simply go to fashion purgatory with Paula, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lawrence, and every other actress who did not rise to the fashion occasion was because of her weight.


I personally hated the gown mainly because it did nothing for her body. It was simply not nice, the color made her look  bigger and it did not fit her shape well at all. On every level the dress was a fail, but it was not necessary to attack her body because of it. Now I know some might think “Yeah okay but she is fat.” You would be accurate but at the same time she is a human being all the comments made about her was just out of order.

Regardless if she got the “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” speech these were adults hiding behind a phone or computer going crazy on Gabby as if she were enemy of the state. Once again I don’t agree with her dress choice but I didn’t think it was right on anyone’s part to come for her entire life and way of living. In my opinion Gabby could have looked flawless and people would have still had something negative to say about her because of  her weight.

Mostly everyone who hated the dress also had a “fat girl joke,” made right after “I didn’t think the dress was flattering” comment. Even the fake people who said “She doesn’t look healthy she needs to loose weight” went on to still say something very harsh after that. Everyone else who got thrown under the fashion bus all had comments like, “I hate Paula’s dress but she still has a flawless face and I loved her hair.” So while people told how they hated the gown Paula wore they still gave her some positive reinforcement.

Yes we all know you need to have thick skin in the entertainment industry but when is it going to far? Especially seeing how the average size is 12 in America, I know everyone should be able to take a joke but what happens when its just cruelty. We all love to sign the “stop the bullying” petition but its only real when its a child but where do you think our kids get being so cruel from? I’m just glad Gabby has thick skin and can throw shade right back and find the humor in it all.