Have you heard of Catstacam?

Have you heard of Catstacam?

Just about everyone has an Instagram account nowadays, but now people’s cats may be able to join the fun! Now, if your cat wants to be on Instagram, you won’t necessarily have to be the one to snap a pic, cats may be able to with Catstacam.

The Catstacam is a cute new gadget being developed by Australia-based cat food company Whiskas where cats can where a little Wi-Fi-connected, motion-activated wearable camera that hangs around their neck like a collar, pointing outwards to give the appearance of the cat’s point of view. Whiskas says the camera automatically snaps six pictures every minute and shares them on Instagram when the device comes within range of a Wi-Fi network. Since cats can’t operate shutter buttons on their own with their little paws, Catstacam is activated by the cat’s motion as it goes about its life, and gives us little snapshots (pun half-intended) of what they’re doing with themselves.

The Australian company is currently testing prototypes at the moment, and there’s no say on whether or not they’ll be put on the market any time soon. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little sneak peek of what this product might be like (or how it’ll make cats even more dominant and adorable in the world of social media). One cat however has had its paws on a prototype and he even has his own cute little Instagram account, and he sure seems like the outdoors type judging from his little visual travelogue.

With that said, prototypes are pretty much exclusively being tested by celebrity cat owners, given the limited amount of Catstacams out there. And in addition to that, these little Instagram accounts are basically just an elaborate promo campaign for Whiskas in Australia, but if it goes viral enough, there’s certainly the possibility of this going on the market (crosses fingers as tight as I can just to be safe).

Check out these adorable Catstacam pics for more or go on Whiskas Australia’s Facebook page for more goodies.