Well Hello, September.


There is always something about saying goodbye to August that makes me sad and happy all at the same time. Leaving August lets you know that Fall is coming, at night all you will need is the fan not the air conditioner. Summer nights tend to be a little cooler than before and you realize that Fall is on the brink. You start going out less and maybe you consider, that the year is almost over and then realize that maybe half of the things on your “to do list” is either almost complete for the year or has not been touched.

But the thing I love most about leaving August is going into the Autumn season. Autumn or Fall whichever you want to call is my favorite season and it begins in September. People may wonder how in the world could Autumn of all seasons be my favorite? Well its not my only favorite I love Spring but Fall lets me know that change is here. There is something about the leaves turning colors and school starting for the kids that make me smile. I love wearing a leather jacket and a cute scarf. There is nothing better to me than waking up knowing that its not humid and its not cold but its rather a chilled air that you just want to walk around and think in.

For me personally the month of September always goes by fast and before I know it I am looking up at October and being greeted by commercials to buy either the sexiest or scariest costume for Halloween. Still the month of September for me is like January 1st, it is a time for new beginnings a time when I feel as though I can start all over. I feel more energized in the month of September and everything looks better, dreams seem more like a reality than a fantasy, goals seem much more attainable, and most of all I get a clean slate. Like I said for me the month of September represents change, so whether you are changing your hair color or style, changing your wardrobe, or even going from light to dark with nail polish change something and do it fearlessly.