Highlights from the 2015 BET Awards

Highlights from the 2015 BET Awards

This years BET awards in my opinion was really really good, crazy enough I was not as hype to watch the awards show this year. I don’t know if it was because of this weird weather we have been having in New York City but I was just like, “Oh the BET awards comes on today.” I feel like BET has stepped it all the way up when it came to this this years awards show. From the opening with Kendrick Lamar rapping on a cop car to the host Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson keeping us all laughing throughout the entire show, here are my favorite performances and moments….

There were so many performances that I really couldn’t keep up, I love loved Janelle Monae and Jidenna’s performance of “Yoga.” Janelle Monae always looks amazing on the red carpet and on the stage.

Brown was another highlight for me, honestly no matter what happens in Chris’s private life you cannot deny that he is one talented young man. I am always rooting for him and I know eventually he will get it all the way together. When he came and started performing his hits I was up in my living room bopping hard. Then when “Post To Be” beat dropped and Omarion came out I was hype!

The Weekend and Alicia Keys performance was another one of my favorites, every time The Weekend performs I swear I reevaluate every relationship that I have ever been in lol. His voice is filled with so much emotion that he could be singing about apples and oranges and I would love it. Alicia Keys has been off the stage for a little bit and this was a great performance for her as well.

Now for some reason I was the last to know that Bad Boy would be reuniting to give one of BET best performances in my opinion. I knew that Diddy was going to take it back to his Puffy days and go through the history of Bad Boy records. Everything about the Bad Boy reunion was amazing, from Mase coming out to 112 hitting the stage performing “Peaches & Cream.” I was on my feet the entire time and then Faith Evans hit the stage, as soon as I thought it couldn’t get any better the original Queen Bee came up out the ground and set it off! I don’t care how many female rappers come out Lil Kim will always have my heart, I rapped her lyrics to “All About The Benjamins” like I wrote them myself. This reunion took me all the way back and I was so happy it happened. (I wish Total would have came out!)

Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, and and Chris Brown performed their new single “All Eyes on You” which was really cool. It’s very interesting to see Meek and Nicki perform and be very open about their love for one another. I think it will be very cool if they go on tour together and do an album or at least a few more songs together.

Big Sean has literally been having the best year ever! And he knows it. With every song that he has dropped being an instant hit I am happy that Big Sean is doing it way big! I loved his performance, he kept his energy wayyyy uppp and we all know he feels blessed.

Now one of my absolute favorite performances (besides the Bad Boy reunion) was the Janet Jackson tribute. Tinashe, Jason Derulo, and my girl Ciara killed it! I don’t care what anyone says no other female artist out now can out dance Ciara. Her moves are controlled and always clean, when she came out I loved every minute of her performance.

Now I must admit the feud between R&B singers Tamar and K.Michelle was very corny but entertaining at times. I never knew why either or them didn’t like each other or how the beef even started. But what I am glad about is that it is over. To make the peace treaty official they both took to the stage and performed their own songs and came out to perform with the Mother Goddess herself Patti Labelle.

There is always a point in the show where “Music Matters” artist get a chance to showcase their skills on the BET stage and every year they always have amazing talent. I never understand why they don’t give them more time on the stage before they cut to commercial. One of the Music Matters artists I couldn’t get enough of was the soulful singer Andra Day her performance for her debut single “Rise Up” was all of that. I can’t wait to hear more of her music.

And my last favorite of the night went to the cast of Empire! I love them so much and Jussie Smollett steals my heart every time he hits the stage. Bringing awareness to the legalization of Gay marriage and making us all fall in love when he sings my favorite song “You’re So Beautiful.”

So there you have it some of my favorite performance of the night, now I can’t leave without telling you all the crazy shit that went down that made me raise my eyebrows…
Nicki Minaj and her acceptance speech (she was high as hell in my opinion)

Actor Hosea (from The Game) and his horrible outfit (wtf was he wearing?)

Tamar Braxton and her lashes, (Stop Tamar just stop)

Smokey Robinson and his long ass prayer speech lol (I love Smokey but bruh!)

Diddy Busting his ass (He had too much Puffy juice)

The Puerto Rican Princess Joseline Hernandez looking lost when Anthony did the Sam Smith