Hip Hop Comes to New York University

Hip Hop Comes to New York University

What happens when you create a space for college students to talk about the state of Hip hop with some of the biggest influencers in Hip Hop? You get The State of Hip Hop 2015,” creator Nickie Robinson owner of GoodGirlPR used her alma mater New York University to host a panel discussion that engaged the students and also informed them about what is really going on in Hip Hop. The panel included Chuck Creekmur founder of AllHipHop.com, Allyson Toy, Marketing/Project Manager of FADER, Alvin Blanco, Deputy Editor of Hip Hop Wired, DDOT Omen founder of DDOTOMEN,  De’Juan Galloway, Culturalist/Producer at BET Networks,  Recording artist Dee-1, John Kennedy, Senior Writer at BET Networks, and Nickie Robinson herself.

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I have been personally following Nickie Robinson on social media, not because I wanted to go into Public Relations but because I admired her story. Robinson started out as a DJ, yes I said DJ (so cool) who went on to start her own Public Relations firm (on top of all that) she became a lawyer. When I saw that she was hosting an event about the two things I love most (hip hop and talking) plus she would also be including some major heavy hitters in the industry (people who actually knew what they were talking about) I had to attend. The panel discussion started out light, “In one word, what is Hip Hop?” Then the panel delved into the topics that were heavier, “Why do some male rappers degrade women in their music?” All of the panelist gave their opinions and opened the floor to have real dialogue with the students and attendees of the event.

The discussion was followed by a networking session, I was so sure that the panelist would just dash out of the room as soon as the event was over but they didn’t. They were actually cool and spoke with everyone and gave real advice. Students came with resumes, others wanted tips about how to break into the music industry, and some just wanted to be there to hear panelists talk about the music that they loved so much. Hip Hop for me is a lifestyle its not just the music; I am from Brooklyn, New York and to some that might not mean much but for those who know it screams Hip Hop. I was born into Hip Hop and I am happy about it, from the slang to the clothing its ingrained into who I am as a person. To see others younger than me and older feel the same way and connect to discuss the music and culture that crosses color, race, and religion was very cool.

I am sure that Nickie will be taking this discussion on the road, and I know it will be dope. So the question is, when did you first fall in love with Hip Hop?