Homosexual Delivered At COGIC 107th Holy Convocation. Do you believe him?

Homosexual Delivered At COGIC 107th Holy Convocation. Do you believe him?

Did you miss the video that has sparked some heavy debates within the church community. Andrew Caldwell is the man in the video who gets up and lets the church (unaware) as he claims that cameras were rolling proclaims that he is not gay but in fact he has been delivered from homosexuality. Watch below….


After the video dropped people went crazy on the internet, was Andrew lying? Did he get paid to get up and proclaim that he was delivered from homosexuality? Those were the top questions that were being thrown around and lets just say everyone had a big opinion. Then he was interviewed on a blog talk radio show in which he explained further his testimony. Listen below….

Interview with Andrew Caldwell

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Andrew’s main points were that he was molested when he was a child. He also said that he became gay when he was 7 years old. Andrew then said he had vision that if he didn’t get his life together and stop being gay he would have a heart attack. Andrew also stated that he has been delivered for a year. He said he used to dress and act like a woman and now he is delivered from it all. The host asked Andrew how did he feel about women and what he liked about women his response, “I’m started to get attracted, and I am started to a get hard for women. I love the pretty hair, the lips, the butt, and the thighs.”

Andrew also wants to do a big conference to fill up rooms to talk with other homosexuals to hear their stories. The host then brought on another guest who goes by the name of Brother Leon, who has also been delivered from homosexuality as well who is now married. Now Brother Leon gave his story and I really listened to how he went from being a homosexual to now a happily married man (married to a woman). So do we believe him? Well after listening to the interview and hearing from Andrew I don’t know what to believe, from the video alone it just seemed too staged. Do I believe that a person can be delivered from sin? Yes. So if I can believe that then I have to believe that what Andrew is saying is possible. But is Andrew telling the truth? Do I think he is telling the truth….


There is just is so much behind this story that is making it hard for me to jump on his bandwagon. And what about his fraud charges? Or his plans to drop his new book in the Spring? And lets not forget his PR team. I don’t know but only time will tell. Do you believe him?