How Zola & Aziah King changed the writing game using Twitter

How Zola & Aziah King changed the writing game using Twitter

The World Series aired on Wednesday and while fans were going crazy to see who would win this game all  I cared about was the Fox network hit show Empire wouldn’t be coming on because of a baseball game. So what to do when you have cleared your schedule so you can watch some television to take your mind off things? I really wanted to know what was going to happen to Hakeem (the character on Empire who got kidnapped at the end of the last episode). With nothing to do and being the social media and news junkie that I am I start surfing the web. The hash tag #Zola popped up and I didn’t think anything of it.

I then put up a meme on instagram about being mad that Empire wasn’t coming on, the supporters of Dorm Room Television instantly start replying stating they were mad but #Zola was way better than Empire tonight. Again #Zola poped up, so I did some research (google) and found out that Aziah King released a short story via twitter about a stripper named Zola and it all started with one tweet….

zola-aziahking-dormroomtvAt first I thought to myself, “here we go another insta famous celebrity using the internet to post something outrageous while the entire world just follows along.” But I decided to read the story which has now been deleted off her page but you can read the full twitter story here. I found the entire story and decided to give it a try, I didn’t have anything to do with my time now that my show Empire wouldn’t be coming on…so what the heck. I started to read the story and within the first three tweets I was hooked!! Tweet after tweet you follow Zola a stripper who works at the famous Hooters restaurant. Zola meets another stripper while working at Hooters they become friendly and decide to go to Florida to make some money stripping. The story has so many twists and turns you forget that your are literally reading tweets.

Using 140 characters with each tweet you see the story between Zola and Jessica unfold. Murder, sex, and mayhem all play a big role in this story. The story kept my attention from beginning to end and caught the attention of Director Ava DuVernay…

zola-dormroomtvYes, Ava DuVernay was chilling in India following along reading about Jarrett and his crazy ass just like I was lmaoo!!!!

Zola_dormroomtv The way Aziah King dropped the story was original she has changed the entire writing game. I don’t know if that was her intent or if she just wanted to tell a cool story. But the stars were aligned when she decided to drop her twitter story. Black twitter was woke and online mad that Empire wasn’t being aired due to the World Series. People needed something to latch onto and Aziah struck at the right time. The internet is now going crazy trying to figure out how we can get more of Zola’s story. It can definitely go on to be turned into either a book or a movie. If Aziah were to drop a book tomorrow we would all buy it because of her marketing of the story on twitter. She even kept the story going with pictures of what happens to Jarrett and Jessica, )we all know what happened to Z…smh).  This was all done using twitter, moving forward the way writers release books and even short stories will change.

I’m sure writers everywhere were thinking, ”why didn’t I think of dropping a short story via twitter?” Writers people probably thought nobody would read a short story that feels like a book when reading it on twitter. But if the story is good the people will scroll. Zola’s story was introduced as a real story, Aziah also has a big following on twitter already so that helped. Moving forward I can definitely see how writers (new and old) will be using twitter and more social media to release their work. The great thing about dropping your work using social media was she got instant feedback. How long might it have taken Aziah to get feedback if she just dropped a book? The chances of Ava DuVernay reading her story would have been slim to none. Aziah has a really big audience now waiting to see where she takes the story. There have been so many memes created surrounding the short twitter story that it is bound to get picked up. Aziah was genius for using 140 characters or less to tell a banging story.

So while I was mad that Empire didn’t come on I was very glad that #Zola filled the void…imagine if #Zola part 2 dropped during Empire next week, who would win?