Hozier Concert Review

Hozier Concert Review

This past Friday I was given tickets to a Hozier concert that I happily accepted in order to put off writing a fascinatingly dull essay about Marxist theory. Although I am certainly not his biggest fan and would not have purchased tickets to his show myself, I am extremely glad I was able to attend. The concert was at the Beacon Theater  with George Ezra as an opening act. The place was understandably packed considering both the opening and main acts were adorable European men with accents and guitars. I think the reason why so many people are attracted to musicians as opposed to artists with other types of talent is that you can visibly see musicians pursuing a passion and making art. It is difficult to see that in a writer for example. “Oh dang boy! You look so fine chewing on that pen!” That is not exactly the same thing as seeing someone furiously play the guitar and move their bodies to the sound.

Hozier filled the entire theater with his guitar and amazing vocals. He had two talented backup singers for most songs, but for one song he sang entirely on his own without the band or anyone else, and it was fantastic. There is often a stigma that if someone has backup singers, it is out of necessity and lack of talent. But the singers enhanced Hozier’s already stunning performance in a different way, not necessarily better than on his own but not worse either.

I really enjoy when singers take time during concerts to tell funny little anecdotes about how their songs came to be. I mean, yeah it is annoying because why do they get to be musically talented, engaging with the public, charming and hilarious, yet I still trip up stairs and can only play hot cross buns on the recorder? That does not seem very fair if you ask me. But anyways, Hozier gave background to many of his songs which I appreciated. He did a nice mix of love songs and slower songs mixed with upbeat ones. His heartfelt and honest lyrics made the drunk lady in front of me dancing like she was in a 90s porno much more bearable. Forget about church, take me to another Hozier concert.