Inside The Dorm Room…Can you keep a secret?

Inside The Dorm Room…Can you keep a secret?

“Shhhh don’t tell nobody what I’m about to tell you.” That is usually how the conversation starts, doors are closed and you are sworn to secrecy. You get told a juicy story and you can’t tell a soul. Then there are those times when it’s your own secret and you can’t tell anyone because it is just that unbelievable. So who do you tell? Who can you tell those juicy stories to? Who will believe it? You want to get it out but you don’t want anyone to know your identity…that’s where we come in. “Inside the Dorm Room” is a new section of Dorm Room Television, an anonymous way to tell the stories that you can’t tell anyone else but want to share it with someone.


You send us your stories via email and we feature them. Remember that one night stand that nobody knows about? Or the time you did that thing with that girl while your girl friend was away? Let’s not even mention what happened in Vegas lol. This is a new way to share your stories and be as anonymous as possible. We don’t want any information, just the content. Hit the tab “Inside the Dorm Room” and send us your stories. We will post them on our site and you will have finally shared that juicy story that was eating you up inside…but nobody knows the story came from you. Email us at make sure the subject reads “Inside The Dorm Room.” Or hit the tab “Inside the Dorm Room” and fill out the form!

I am looking forward to seeing the content that this new section will have! Happy reading!