Inside the Dorm Room


“Shhhhhhhhh, dont tell nobody.” That is usually how the conversation starts, doors are closed and you are sworn to secrecy. You can’t tell anyone what’s been told to you but its eating at you, you have to let it out, but who to tell? Who can you tell that story that nobody on the earth will believe because they weren’t there to witness it? Tell us! Inside the Dorm Room is a place where you can tell those stories, and the best thing about it, its all anonymous! Send us your stories, crazy moments, secrets that you just can’t hold and we won’t tell a soul!


Send us your anonymous stories, no we don’t want any of your information just your stories.

We will publish them on our site and your identity is never shared (that’s why we don’t want any of your information). Simply email us your story below and we will feature it on the site. If you have pictures or something that needs to be attached email us at Make sure the subject reads “Inside The Dorm Room.”

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