Introducing Bia’s New Video

Introducing Bia’s New Video

So it’s Tuesday night, which means Sisterhood of Hip Hop comes on at 9pm! As it turns out one of the stars of the show, Bia, released her video for new single, “All Around the World.” I mentioned during the beginning of the season that I didn’t know much about Bia and that I thought she was kind of MIA during the first season. I felt like the first season gave bigger exposure to Siya and Nyemiah Supreme rather than the rest of the females on the show.

However, Bia proved me wrong this season! She was struggling to get the label to be on the same page for the single she wanted to release, but she finally got it! I must say that this single was really good and I was excited to see the video.

The video had a little bit of everything and was different than your typical booty shaking videos that are seen all the time. There was an old school vibe along with her personal style and creativity in the video. I’m glad it came out to be a success!

Did you see Bia’s New Video?

For those who don’t know about Bia’s New video, you need to check it out now!


Mazi K