Is Apple Music Really Worth It?

Is Apple Music Really Worth It?

Is Apple Music Really Worth It? Is it worth that $10 a month? That’s something that I’ve just thought about this past week.

Ever since I seen the commercial with Mary J Blige, Kerry Washington and Tajarii P. Henson for Apple music, I’ve been questioning if the price is worth listening to Apple music all the time. From what I’ve gathered these are some common facts:

  1. You start off with a three month free trial
  2. Memberships are $10 a month after the trial
  3. Available access on all Apple devices and PCs
  4. Can’t search music without Wifi

From these points, Apple Music doesn’t look that bad. Some of my friends use it and say it’s completely worth. You’re able to listen to albums once they drop for less money and it customizes playlists based on music you like to hear. Apple Music also gives you the chance to listen to throwbacks that you might have forgotten about.

I think I’m going to try Apply Music considering that adding songs to my iTunes is a lot of work and I eventually get too lazy to do all of that.

So is Apple Music really worth it? Mazi K says yes!