Is there room for God in our future ??

Is there room for God in our future ??

unnamedIt’s 12pm on the dot and I am racing to find a seat at my new church home, stockings on skirt hitting below that knee I could literally hear my grandmother’s voice in my head as a reminder. As I get to the door of the church I was greeted with a warm smile, I made my way to my seat to start praise and worship thankful that I made it in enough time to enjoy the songs. I look around and notice that other than myself and a few others I was more dressed up than my peers in the crowd.

I also noticed that this was indeed a younger crowd (its 12pm all the older saints go to the earlier service) I was reminded right then and there of a conversation I had with a friend about our generation not making enough time for God. I sat with the idea and really took the time to think about what the church will look like in 20 years. More and more our generation are finding other ways to worship or even just say they are spiritual (I still don’t know what spiritual means but a lot of people became this around 2003 and don’t belong to an organized religion)


So I then asked myself does our generation still need God? At the thought, I felt the clouds grow dark and thunder sound off I silently asked God’s forgiveness because I know the world needs God but does our generation know? Growing up going to church was like a chore that you didn’t want to do, but then when you got there you had your church friends and I sang on the choir so that was always a highlight for me. As I got older church became an option, and I chose sleeping in rather than praising the Lord.

I have always acknowledged their was a God and I follow the Christian based teachings. But I did realize that when I went away to college I could count on my fingers the amount of times I actually went to church. Once I graduated between trying to be “successful” and worrying about every event I needed to attend Sunday’s became a day of relaxation and reality tv re-runs. As the good book says, “Train up a child in the way he should go,And when he is old he will not depart from it.” -Proverbs 22:6

tumblr_m0sxriUvid1rrqgsqo1_500So even though I didn’t go to church I always knew I would eventually go back, but what about the rest of our generation? Will we still go to church on Sunday’s or will it be some sort of channel where everyone can tune into without having to be present at church (Oops we already have that) We are the generation that can’t sit still long enough for us to work hard to become successful, we all have the microwave theory going (if we can’t get it quick then we don’t want it  at all) 

Fast cash and over night success via reality television shows are the new motivation, how will this generation find the time in between posting pics on instagram and stating their lives on facebook to take the time out to form a real relationship with God? If Money, Cash, and Hoes are all we need in life how can that same person feel as tho they need to bow down and ask God to direct their steps?

la-et-0630-rihanna-live-pictures-001We are the generation who waits patiently on a line for sneakers but have zero time to read something “spiritual.” We are the generation who can post something thanking God for waking us up but in the next post be publicly humiliating someone. Do we truly know love if we don’t know God? We are moving further and further away from Godly teachings which usually is where most people get their morals and values from. My grandmother was raised in the church and there was a certain way a lady should dress point black period, I couldn’t come out my house with a skirt rising above the knee and if it did due to my big booty I sat with a scarf across my legs and still do. That moral value still holds true in my 27 year old life.

To some it might be small but its something that was passed on to her and so on and so forth. Who will be the people 20 years from now passing down the morals? In a world where anything goes I have to ask, Will there be room for God in the future ??