It’s bigger than Zendaya’s locs

It’s bigger than Zendaya’s locs

Do you know how frustrating it is to be a Black Woman in America? I know it is equally as frustrating to be a black man in America but because I am a black woman I will give my perspective. I am so tired of trying to justify who I am to be considered a person or worth in this country. Everyone can pick on us from our hair to the way we walk, talk, and act, and its just supposed to be okay. The comment that Giuliana Rancic made about singer Zendaya’s hair smelling like “patchouli oil and weed” was just another comment added to the list of racist comments that are made about black women on a daily basis. Every day I wake up a black woman, ready to go out and do battle because I live in a world that hates me because of who I am.

It’s so frustrating to know that because my skin is a certain color, my hair a certain texture, and because my body has move curves than America would like to applaud I am considered unworthy. We are always fighting to be heard, to be accepted, to be acknowledged, and its so tiring. Singer Zendaya was not called out because her outfit was ugly (because the show is about fashion) but because her hair was not “appropriate” for the Oscars is frustrating as hell. Rancic didn’t use the word appropriate but when you say Zendaya looks like she smells like weed because of her hairstyle then I’d say in her mind locs were not appropriate for the Oscars. Zendaya is an eighteen year old attending the Oscars and yet and still the main focus is her hair, its frustrating.

People will debate and argue that what Rancic said was not racist but what would you call it? What do you call actor Sean Penn’s “green card” statement about  Alejandro González, a joke? Why should we just take it as a joke and be “less emotional” when a racist statement is made about our culture? Slavery was real, it wasn’t a joke, it really happened, Selma is not just a cool movie to go see, it really happened, Jim Crow laws are not made up fictional laws, they were real laws. Black women from the beginning of our existence in America have been devalued because we are black and because we are women. Some of the most horrible things I have heard about OUR First Lady Michelle Obama pertained to her race, why is that okay? Because you laughed and called it a joke?

We are tired of being the joke, tired of being the one’s who have to over compensate, (Zendaya shouldn’t have had to list people who are esteemed in this country that wear locs for it to be okay), we are tired of teaching our little black girls that they are enough even when everything around them is telling them that they are not. Every day I wake up a black woman, and everyday I have to put on my armor because I know someone is out there waiting to devalue who I am and its frustrating. All we want, is to be who we are, and live, that’s it. So no Giuliana Rancic we are not mad at just you alone, who I am sure is somewhere pacing trying to figure out why out of all the racist jokes that are made on a daily about black women hers was chosen to be “blown out of proportion.” We are mad because its the idea that our very existence as Black Women in America is a joke, and you just like everyone else felt comfortable to sit on national television and joke about something we cannot change, the very essence of who we are you think is a joke.

So when I say its frustrating to be a Black Woman in America it’s not because I want to be anything different (because I love everything about my blackness) its because I am tired of trying to tell America to get their shit together and treat us like the Queens we are.