J. Cole Interview with Angie Martinez

J. Cole Interview with Angie Martinez

Rapper J. Cole just released his new album “Forest Hills Drive” which has been doing very well on the charts. I have to admit I was not completely a 100% die hard fan of J. Cole. It was my younger sister (and she is going to love this) but it was her who kept telling me J. Cole was fire. Hip Hop to me has been slacking when it comes to saying something real, there are very few rappers who have a platform that is using it to really say something meaningful. Hip Hop is one of the youngest forms of music so the evolution of it has to happen but there has not been a balance, and because of this I do have my favorite rappers who I stick with but my sister kept insisting J. Cole was the truth. I knew some of his songs and I remember his performance at Power House at Barclays Center, while everyone was talking about guns, sex, money, and drugs J. Cole shed light on police brutality and had a message.

So when I came across his interview with Angie Martinez I had to watch it. Had my baby sister been right all along or was he just another temporary rapper saying whats “real” because it sounds cool? I was so happy that was wrong, J. Cole is very educated and his way of thinking reminds me of a young Lauryn Hill mixed with Tupac. Everything that he stated about the state of hip hop and the world was spot on, and he did so in a way that didn’t offend any artist because he really could have said names and pointed out songs. But because he is human he actually admitted to liking the music, he then went on to talk about the state of the world and the politics of it all. After listening to J. Cole its obvious that he is not only a talented artist, he is also using his knowledge to actively make the world better using music as his platform. Hip Hop needs more J.Cole’s (that become famous) because there are only few Hip Hop artists that are willing to talk about real issues and use their platforms for good. Watch the full interview below and let me know your thoughts.

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