Joseline Hernandez: Stingy KuttiKatt

Joseline Hernandez: Stingy KuttiKatt

I watch Love and Hip-hop ATL and for the most part everyone claims to be in the music business whether it being apart of management or an artists. However, I never hear of any of their music…ever. It’s like there’s footage of them being in the studio and making hit singles, but I don’t be hearing it up north. Maybe it’s mostly popular in the ATL and I just don’t know about.

One of my favorite characters on #LHHATL is the one and only Joseline Hernandez AKA The Puerto Rican Princess. Even though she’s crazy, I think that makes her really funny and real on the show. I decided to look up her music on YouTube and found that she recently just put out a new video: Stingy With My KuttiKatt.

I love Joseline, but that video was honestly a complete mess; I was cracking up the whole time. I’m not sure how exactly what angle she was going for, but her video didn’t shock me at the same time. As seeing Joseline on Love & Hip Hop, it doesn’t surprise that her video is about her kuttikatt. I don’t know what her and Stevie J was doing, but they need to try again!

But if you haven’t seen the video, check out Joseline Hernandez: Stingy KuttiKatt, check it out right now!


Mazi K