Just be yourself.

Just be yourself.

In the beginning we are all taught that being ourselves is the way to be. “Just be yourself,” that is the phrase that moms and dads tell their kids. I guess somewhere in between elementary crushes and sitting at the cool kids table it became obviously clear that “fitting in” with the rest of the crowd was best. As we got older it became harder and harder for us to just be ourselves. When I look at kids I am always a little envious because they can truly be themselves without worrying about fitting in or even standing out for that matter. They can just simply be and its okay until they learn later on that being yourself although taught is something that is silently untaught later on in life.


Then there comes a time where all of the categories don’t fit anymore and you just want to be without seeking permission and you feel odd in the beginning. You start the process of finding out who you are the real you not the “instagram you” but the you that is with you all the time. The you that laughs at corny jokes or the you who likes to sit at home on Fridays and not turn up because you are simply not a party person. Whoever the YOU is you find that person and its a glorious moment but then you find out that adults are not always comfortable with you being yourself (ain’t that some shit) the same adults who probably tell their children to be themselves want you the adult to fit in. So what do you do? The answer, be yourself not just because everyone else is taken but because God created you. I don’t care who you call God but the higher power that you call on for advice and help when you’re in need. That being created you unique unlike anyone else. So honor God by being you because you were designed by that being and the mold was broken after.