Katt Williams Loses It in Philly

Katt Williams Loses It in Philly

Katt Williams was the pimp down in Philly

Katt Williams has truly shown us what he’s been up to. The former funny man was recently recorded acting a whole fool on stage at a Beanie Sigel concert in Philadelphia, PA. Although entertaining, the video is most definitely quite sad. All of the bizarre behavior led to him getting stomped out by Philly rapper Boone and his people. It also caused speculation that the comedian is on drugs. According to a radio interview on Philly’s Power 99, Boone said that Katt “jumped on his brother…and was doing push-ups while Lil’ Mo performed” and was allegedly “mad because he couldn’t get a perc”.

Katt Williams Loses It in Philly

Apparently Katt Williams and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member Hazel-E are dating and she took the twitter defending him saying, “He doesn’t do drugs! (Tree Don’t Count) Have some freaking compassion! #TheDevilIsALie” (HipHollywood). Well, what is it then Hazel? What caused your man to act so erratically and end up underneath some fresh Jays?

Katt Williams soon took to Instagram with a video to “clear up” the fact that anybody hurt him. Although security stepped in in a timely ย manner, Katt did indeed get jumped. Check out the video right here: