Kehlani’s New Video: “You Should Be Here”

Kehlani’s New Video: “You Should Be Here”

So I’ve never heard of this Kehlani until recently (partially because I’ve been living under a rock). I was on Twitter and saw a lot of hype over her new album, “You Should Be Here,” but I never took the time to listen to it. I asked my friends if they knew her and they didn’t know really know her either. However, that changed when I went on and saw her video as one of the new videos of the week.

After seeing it there, I decided might as well give a shot and watch her new video for her album. My immediate reaction was wondering what ethnicity she is (I’m like knowing about people’s background). Besides that, I thought the song and the video was good. She has a nice vibe and is very calm. I saw some of the comments underneath her video where people were saying her vibe is like Jhene Aiko. I don’t think it is. I don’t listen to Jhene Aiko as heavily as others do, so maybe that’s the reason why I don’t see it.

Also people were talking about how her jeans were ugly. I was like leave this girl alone! That’s her style. All those people are probably jealous that can’t pull off pants like that.

But thanks to Worldstar I am slowly moving out from underneath my rock and listening to her album that was released just a week ago! Check out Kehlani’s new video: “You Should Be Here” right now!


Mazi K