Ladies who Launch

Ladies who Launch

The United Women in Business Foundation hosted another successful, “Ladies who Launch” event. This event gives members and attendees a chance to hear from successful female business owners and gain some insight as to how they launched their businesses. This year the event was held at the New York City Google offices (how cool is that). The featured “ladies who launch,” were Emilie Aries founder of, a company designed to help women beat burnout and achieve sustainable success. Allie Esslinger creator of Section II, a streaming service connecting LBTQ stories and audiences. Alexandra Friedman founder of LOLA, a 100% cotton tampons company, they have customized assortment, and provide delivery right to your door. Alison Morris, Accounts Director for The Honey Team, a company designed to help other companies communicate better.


Emilie Aries @bossedUpOrg Allie Esslinger @sectionii Alexandra Friedman @mylolagram Alison Morris @thehoneyteam

Each of these women started their businesses in different ways but they all had a couple of things in common. For starters, they all work hard, all of the women spoke about how they were willing to take risks and work hard to accomplish their goals. Many attendees in the audience wanted to know how did they actually start their companies. Emilie Aries from told the audience that she didn’t get any funding she bootstrapped. Ares also explained that she had to cutback on a lot of the pleasantries that she had when she didn’t work for herself. She cut her gym membership, she essentially started living like a poor college student. We also got a peek inside of how much time it takes to start a business and all of the planning that goes into creating the business of your dreams.

Alexandra Friedman founder of LOLA, wanted to create something that women needed and after doing research she found that tampons were not 100% made of cotton. Friedman created something she knew women would want especially if they knew their product was not only customized for them butĀ  presented amazing health benefits. Allie Esslinger creator of Section II informed us all that starting a business is always an up hill climb but you learn and you grow a lot. Alison Morris from The Honey Team advised everyone to get a mentor, all the panelist agreed that your mentor should be someone who is not in competition with your company.

A few takeaways:

  1. Starting your own business is hard but not impossible.
  2. Get a mentor that is not in competition with your business.
  3. Research, Research, oh and more research. You have to do a lot of research if you are starting a new company.
  4. Just because you are a woman does not mean that your company cannot be for profit. (Women are more likely to start a non-profit than a for profit business).
  5. You will fail a lot, but you will also learn from your failures (and failing is just a way of learning what not to do).

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