The Latest on Siya

The Latest on Siya

Brooklyn native, Siya, recently dropped her new mixtape, “Better Late Than Never” on January 21, 2015 featuring Chris Brown, Kevin McCall, Problem, Baby Yon and Robots & Balloons. Siya is an upcoming, lesbian rapper whose biggest motto is “Don’t have to be Naked to Sell.” This motto makes her stand amongst other female artists by exposing her tattoos and sticking to her own, personal style.

She is one of the main characters in the original Oxygen show, “Sisterhood of Hip-Hop,” which stars five female artists trying to break out into a male-dominated music/recording industry. During the season finale of the Oxygen show, she released a video from her mixtape, “Real MVP.” The video makes a reference to the movie, “Love and Basketball,” where Siya and the “girlfriend” are playing for each other’s hearts. I felt the video/song made me want to listen to more music from Siya.

Ever since the show, I have been following her on Twitter and Instagram keeping myself updated on what she’s doing next. I think she’s doing great for herself and can’t wait until she gets big for other people to recognize her talent! I can always feel inspired reading some of her posts because she always reminds me that you don’t have to conform or change your image to succeed in whatever you want to do.

Currently, Siya is performing live in LA with Nyemiah (one of the female rappers on Sisterhood of Hip-Hop) early February. Hopefully, she comes to New York so I can meet her! Check out to learn more about her!

In case you’ve never seen her video “Real MVP”, here’s your first look.