Leather Shorts….Really Fabolous?

Leather Shorts….Really Fabolous?

Okay so I was looking on the net just a normal day in the neighborhood and then BOOM this picture of rapper Fabolous pops up and I had a blank stare….

Rapper Fabolous at the G-Shock Shock The World 2013 event in New York City

I mean I would love to say that Fabolous pulled a real nice fashion move but I cannot say that. I am still trying to figure out what this looked like when he sat down (I mean they are leather shorts) and I am assuming since her attended with his “stylist” and girlfriend Emily B. she was responsible for this fashion stunt. I am still trying to find one nice thing to say about this look and all I got is “I love the sneakers.” Fellas I urge you to NOT try and replicate this look because you will be an epic fail! I still got love for Fab but I cannot with the leather shorts. All I could think of was the movie Waiting to Exhale when she said “With ya leather wearing in the summer time ass.”