Lil Mama’s New Video: Sausage

Lil Mama’s New Video: Sausage

So I’m pretty sure, most people have seen Lil Mama’s new video: Sausage considering that there have been loads of comments about it all over Twitter. So I watched the video and I personally liked it. You could tell Lil Mama put a lot of time in the video with all the dances, locations and different scenes she had in there.

However, I feel like she could have been more creative with her lyrics, considering most of the lyrics she had was from another song or the latest vines that came out. Then when she tried to be Mary J. Blige, I was like she went a little to far. No one can be like Mary J.

If this video were made like in 2006 and in 2007, most people would probably think this song is a hit. But since it’s 2015 and hip-hop has changed, a lot of people think this video is absolute trash. Also the fact that she has lyrics like, “You better use a condom if you takin that sausage,” with a bunch of kids in the video wasn’t smart thinking. If you’re going to have lyrics like that by all means do as you please, but next time make it an adult video than.

As I was looking through the comments off the video on YouTube, I saw that a lot of people really liked her video unlike the people on Twitter. Most people thought it was her bringing two generations of hip-hop together and a great song to start off the summer. Others also claimed that people would have liked it more if it were Missy Elliot or Nicki Minaj instead of Lil Mama. I feel like that statement is true to an extent because those artists who have made the lyrics their own rather than remix a bunch of songs.

If you haven’t seen Lil Mama’s latest comeback video, check it out right here!



Mazi K