Lions, and Tigers, and Two-headed Ducks, Oh My!

Lions, and Tigers, and Two-headed Ducks, Oh My!

“Cursed” monkey hand candlesticks, stuffed rats driving a Barbie convertible, and mummified frogs are not typically the first, or even the one hundredth first, objects to come to the average person’s mind when he or she thinks of birthdays. For as much as I  enjoy a nice Starbucks latte and occasionally sing along to Taylor Swift’s singles, I still would like to think I am a slight step above the stereotypical “basic” girl, at least when it comes to celebrating my birthday.  That is why this weekend I made a trip to Brooklyn’s Morbid Anatomy museum, a rather unconventional part of my birthday festivities.

Upon entering the museum doors, my friends and I were warmly greeted as we walked through the first floor,consisting of tables and a small cafe, to purchase our tickets (a very fair price of $8, $6 with a student ID). The exhibit was on the second level of the museum where we were handed a booklet explaining each item. Many of the objects were those which people had temporarily lent to the museum, and the booklet often told of how they were acquired. I found the booklets to be a unique and quite helpful aspect, considering I typically have to squint my eyes and try not to shove people out of the way just to read museum plaques that sometimes say something incredibly dull like “Object 101. Anonymous donor”.

While the museum  essentially consists of only one fairly small floor, the array of items on display are well worth the visit for anyone who is looking for a very non-traditional museum experience. The objects on exhibit ranged from vaguely disturbing, in the best possible way, to amusing and simply fascinating.  The taxidermy collection of squirrels ordering drinks at a mini bar and dancing chipmunks were among my personal favorites. Adjacent to the exhibition room was an adjoining room with an extensive collection of books dealing with nearly any strange body deformity imaginable. There were also more objects on top of the bookshelves for your enjoyment or disgust, ranging from fetal pigs in jars to old dentures.

If anyone is looking for a new way to spend an afternoon and is tired of getting dirty looks for paying anything other than the suggested price at the MET, then I would highly recommend visiting the Morbid Anatomy museum where you can have a nice read about Hitler’s sex life while pictures of Siamese twins stare down at you.