Live at PND’s First World Tour

Live at PND’s First World Tour

This past Friday I was lucky enough to be apart of PND’s first world tour! I went with three of my friends and we saw him at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT. We dedicated the whole day to getting ready for PND. I was thinking about listening to PND all day to prepare, but decided against it so when I went to see him it would be fresh.

The doors opened at 8:00pm and the concert was supposed to start 9:30pm. I got there around 8:00pm and realized I probably should have gotten there earlier because as soon as I walked in there the place was packed. Luckily, my friends and me found a spot on the side of the stage where we were in the second row. Of course he didn’t come out on time, as most concerts don’t. He ended up coming out around 1015 and by this time my feet were already hurting from standing, so long. As soon as he came out, I completely forgot about all my pain and took out my phone.


He wore a long black coat, with a black hat, light blue skinny jeans and Jordan’s. He was very chill and humble that everyone came out to be apart of his first world tour. There were multiple color lighting and background images behind him throughout the concert. The background settings and lighting changed with each concert. When he performed “Frozen”, there was a snow on the projector and when he performed “Thirsty” there was waterfalls and drops on the projector.FullSizeRender[1]

He performed songs from PND, PND2 and PND Colours including “Welcome to the Party,” “Let’s Get Married,” “SLS,” “Recognize,” “Sex on the Beach,” “West District,” “East Liberty,” and “Juss Know.”

The concert was great! I thought he looked so cute and was great on stage. He came down off the stage in the beginning to touch everyone’s hand as well as take selfies on people’s phones. I’m jealous of those people who got personal selfies from him and my friend who was able to take better pictures of him than I was! The thing I liked best about the PND concert was that he sang to everyone in the audience rather than just for himself.

Sadly, the concert only lasted for one hour! I wanted there to be more, but PND doesn’t have albums of music released compared to other artists. Even though it was only an hour, I thought he did great and I’m glad I got to be apart of his first world tour. It is definitely an experience I’ll never forget. You know the concert was good when you still feel you’re at the concert two days later.




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