#LunchWithMyShoppingBag…Doing things alone

#LunchWithMyShoppingBag…Doing things alone

200462297-001I have never been the type to just go and do things on my own. It always seemed weird to me to just got to a movie or restaurant alone. Oddly enough as I got older I have met more and more people who do things on their own. I have always wanted to be bold enough to go to the movies or dine out all alone and not feel weird.

I have a best friend who went and took a trip all by herself meanwhile I am over here having anxiety attacks at the sheer thought of going to sit in a dark movie theater alone smh….I know just sad. With that said a couple of months ago I was supposed to attend this free concert featuring gospel artist CeCe Winans, now if you know me you know my love for CeCe. I was all hyped a free concert with one of my favorite gospel artists, so the day of the show it is pouring raining…I don’t know what it is about rain that people assume it is like acid and as soon as it touches you it will eat your skin off because a lot of people cancel on events as soon as they see rain. Now this was NOT an outdoors concert, so now everyone who said they were gonna go dropped out and I had a big decision to make…go to the concert alone or not go at all.

Young Woman Dining AloneI mean I really had to sit and think about it, because on the one hand I would go and feel weird or I could just miss it. Now I know what your thinking CeCe Winans what is there to think about? Well I am no fool my scary self went right on to the concert alone! (Clap one time for me!) That was a major step for me, I get there and I instantly feel scared because I realize I am alone. So I go into the building its a church Brooklyn Tabernacle to be exact (still feeling scared because I am alone even in the church) I go and pull out my phone to keep me company lol. With that said I met an usher who was nice and low and behold I end up getting a great seat BECAUSE I WAS ONLY ONE PERSON THAT NEEDED TO BE SEATED. Usually people do come to events in big crowds are hard to seat, but seating for one is usually very easy. Ironically I sat in between two people who came alone (my life is a sitcom) and I had a great time.

Moral of the story for me is that I need to start doing things by myself. One, I learned that when you do things alone you are on your own schedule, I didn’t have to wait for anyone I just left when I felt like it. Secondly I was able to just chill out and vibe with myself, and I think as humans we are so tuned in especially with social media you are not alone even when you are “alone,” we are on our cell phones talking to someone or on some site looking something up still connected and not fully just enjoying ourselves in a space of being alone.

My headline for this was #LunchWithMyShoppingBag a friend of mines made an instagram video basically eating lunch and being with herself. I thought it was so funny because when she sang #LunchWithMyShoppingBag I totally got how she felt. Because even though I don’t do lunch by myself (which I need to) I understood exactly where she was coming from. Now that I feel like super women I wonder what other activities will I be doing alone! Stay Tuned…The #LunchWithMyShoppingBag Series is just beginning.