Movie Review: “Unfinished Business”

Movie Review: “Unfinished Business”

Today the movie Unfinished Business premiered across most of the country. The movie stars Vince Vaughn and the little Franco, Dave, whom I will settle for if James is too busy living it up on Spring Break. I had to sit in the very front row of the theater due to the large crowd, and that of course made the size proportions of characters quite amusing albeit dizzying and disorienting. Despite my seat,  I still found the movie fairly amusing and enjoyable.

The film certainly got raunchy at parts, an aspect I did not mind a bit. I enjoy when movies push boundaries to see how inappropriate they can get without becoming tacky.  Gay German BDSM bars and old men on drugs? I’ll take that shit over Cinderella any day. The movie follows a team of three unlikely businessmen trying to get the “handshake” on a deal they have been working on for a year. They travel to Berlin for business, where a large part of the movie takes place. I always get excited seeing movies filmed at places I have been to, so I enjoyed this particular setting of Berlin.  Although, it certainly made me miss the punk rock-esque hostels and the large Steins I had the pleasure to experience.

Anyway, I found myself laughing aloud at quite a few moments during the film. This is quiet an accomplishment since I hate to laugh aloud in movie theaters; I do not want to be that person with the obnoxious laugh ruining the magical movie viewing aura for the rest of the audience. However, the movie also had a very important underlying message of bullying beneath the layer of humor.  The movie simultaneously focuses on Vaughn’s character’s two children, one a bully and the other a victim. I thought this idea of bullying played out well; it was not too cliché or seemingly too “preachy”.

However, I personally did not appreciate the part that was, in fact, a bit of a cliché. The aspect of the blonde haired, blue-eyed housewife stuck at home while her macho American husband goes out to make money bothered me a tad. I got excited that the movie poked fun at idea of the American businessman, as portrayed when Vaughn’s character stayed in a hotel that was an art exhibit titled “American Businessman 42.” So I was disappointed that the film did not follow through with the idea of making fun of stereotypes.

All in all, the movie did keep my attention and is well worth a watch for anyone from teenage boys looking to see some nice boobie action to parents looking to relate to a film about bullying while still being highly entertained.