My Water Addiction

My Water Addiction

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gained a water addiction. It all started when I decided to get rid of the juice that I usually drink everyday and replacing it with water. I started stocking up on water bottles, so that I would always have water to drink. I soon realized that drinking a lot of water is going to cost me a lot of money always having to buy water bottles.

In order to save some money, I decided to invest in a Brita water bottle filter. I ordered it off Amazon and haven’t rejected my decision since. The filter is in the straw and you just pour water into the bottle and drink. The quality of the water tastes a lot better than plain, old tap water. I would suggest that everyone get one! It really saves a lot of money and plastic from buying water bottles. The only thing that’s required for the water bottle is to replace the filter every two months. I find myself drinking so much more water because I can fill up my water bottle everywhere.

I’ve been using this water for almost a month and I now find myself craving water. If I go up to an hour without drinking water, my throat will start to dry up and I’ll feel like something is missing from my body.

As much as I thought I would miss juice, I actually don’t mind it. Juice just adds extra sugar and calories to my body throughout the day. Drinking water all the time allows me to consume fewer calories within my meals a day. Buying that Brita water bottle has really changed what I drink on a daily basis. There used to be a time where I couldn’t put down juice and now I can’t put down water.

Start drinking water everywhere you go.


Mazi K