MyLifeAsEva Appreciation

MyLifeAsEva Appreciation

Let MyLifeAsEva Appreciation Post Begin

Since I have been thinking about creating my own YouTube channel, I have been looking at multiple YouTube channels to get some ideas on what exactly I want to do on my upcoming Youtube chaFullSizeRender 2nnel. What I have come to realFullSizeRender 4ize is that you can really make a video about anything and I think that I’m leaning more into comical skits, as well as, showcasing some of my personal films/creations. I know a common thing that is happening is that during comical skits the main character impersonates multiple people. I kind of want to do that, but I don’t want to be basic. #MajorDecisions.

Anyways. I found the famous YouTube personal, MyLifeAsEva and have been watching her videos for a few weeks now. I must say that I like her videos. I didFullSizeRender 3n’t expect to like her channel that much because I didn’t think that I would have the same sort of humor that she has. However, I think she gives a lot of variety in her videos, so FullSizeRender 5I’m not watching the same thing all the time. She has DIY, fashion looks, music videos and regular comical skits. She is definitely an inspiration when it comes to creating my own YouTube channel. She even has two videos on advice on how to get your YouTube channel started (which I’m definitely using for myself).
I started following her and Instagram and Twitter and I’m so jealous of her because she is living the dream. She just went on a trip to Hawaii and her Instagram is absolutely beautiful! It honestly makes me want to go travel the world as soon as I graduate! Just check out some of these pictures from her feed.
I honestly recommend to check out her YouTube channel for some entertainment and to stalk her Instagram/Twitter if you ever need some inspiration to just live your life as you want!
Check one of my favorite videos from her! Right now!
Mazi K