Netflix Has Taken Over Degrassi

Netflix Has Taken Over Degrassi

As some of you may know, the hit making show, Degrassi, took an end on Teennick during the summer. Degrassi has been on TV for long, long time. I know I started watching Degrassi during middle school and I used to think that high school was going to be just like that all drama filled and hectic. Well it turned out that my high school experience wasn’t like Degrassi, but it was still great to watch. Degrassi was the show everyone in my generation watched, but it kind of hit a downward spiral after the old cast graduated and went off the show. However, with the change of cast, I still watched to see how the show went out and it wasn’t bad for the most part. I still enjoy the older cast of Degrassi a lot more than the new cast however.

But as of the New Year, Netflix has taken over Degrassi. When I was scrolling down on my Netflix on my laptop, I saw that Netflix has started their own “new” series of Degrassi.  I know that Netflix has been on a frenzy creating their own original show due to the success of some like Orange is the New Black. But is Netflix really accurate on saying this new Degrassi is their new series? Let’s see. After seeing Netflix’s new promotion of Degrassi, I decided to look into how exactly Netflix made Degrassi theirs. It turns out that Degrassi is the longest and best show in Canada and Netflix decided to save the show from being cancelled completely. 

I’m watching the new series of Degrassi and there’s honestly no difference with the storyline, cast, etc. It looks as if the same people are producing, editing, writing and directing it just Netflix owns the show. I must say myself that Netflix is probably going to make a good profit on Degrassi only airing on their network. For the people who enjoy the old Degrassi where Drake was Jimmy then you’re probably not going to like it as much, but for those who enjoy the new Degrassi as much as the old than you’re in it forever. Netflix should have all the old episodes of Degrassi on there so people who enjoyed the old Degrassi can enjoy it too


Enjoy your Netflix time!

Mazi K