New Music: CarLovy “Black Power” @CarLovyMusicc

New Music: CarLovy “Black Power” @CarLovyMusicc

Carlovy drops “Black Power”

Harlem native rapper Carlovy recently dropped his new single “Black Power,” from is new album The Golden Ticket. From the beat to the message the song is something we need in hip hop. Carlovy gives us a cool history lesson when it comes to Black people in America and all the adversities that Black people have faced and yet we have still done amazing things.

[Tweet “Yo light bulb work cuz of a black man”]

Carlovy creatively lists some of the inventions that Black people have invented, he praises Black women, and repeats that even if you don’t think you are black that you are and you should be proud. A lot more of our black hip hop artists should consider creating music (even if its just one track) that has a positive message. The kids respect and look up to these artists and I can almost bet that at least one kid or even an adult will listen to this track and gain some knowledge from it. Salute to Carlovy!

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