New Show: Front n Center

New Show: Front n Center

I always love a new show, “Front N Center” follows the Brooklyn dance team “Epic Illusion” as they compete in dance competitions and all the drama that comes along with being on a team. Jamal aka Jelly is the manager and choreographer for the dance team and he is essentially the leader of the pack. The team is composed of about twenty dancers, in this first episode cameras follow Megan, Jahi, Quana, and Dashawn who assume more of the leadership roles in the group. They are preparing for a dance competition and some of the members of the group have been showing up late to practice and not taking it as serious as other members on the team. (Bring on the drama)

I really enjoyed this episode (and not just because I am from Brooklyn lol) I loved that members on the dance team told their real stories and didn’t hold anything back. A lot of people don’t know that in urban African American communities dance is a big deal, from the team you rep to the team you root for at the shows its a big deal. Growing up in Brooklyn myself (East New York) there was always a dance competition where dancers would form teams and battle it out to see who was the best. In the summer you couldn’t wait to see what the dancers on your block came up with, and when they battled other dance groups you made sure you rooted for your crew (even if you didn’t dance). I already have my favorites on the show, so far I love Megan she is a mover and a shaker who gets things done. (Having a baby and already dancing three months later, her snap back is real)

I love a Diva and that is exactly what Quana is, I look forward to see how she will progress since everyone thinks her and Megan are bossy. Jelly is cool, he seems strict but not mean, sometimes dance leaders can make you feel bad about yourself and Jelly doesn’t do that (but he keeps it real). I don’t want to give away any spoilers but they are going into a competition where the prize is 2,000, they are practicing just before their performance because some of the dancers don’t have the steps down pact (you know Jelly gonna kill them lol) watch the first episode below…..