New Video: Mayo Bass  -The Cure (Official Music Video )

New Video: Mayo Bass -The Cure (Official Music Video )

When I first heard singer Mayo Bass sing it was at a kids fashion show at the Barclays center. I remember not remembering her name because my baby cousin was in the fashion show and while I heard her voice I didn’t have time to get her name. Flash forward and I had the chance to finally get Mayo Bass’s name when I heard her perform at the “Sunday Evening Serenade.” Mayo performed her single “The Cure” and I swear the tears welled up in my eyes mainly because the song hit home in more ways than one see –> “For Jada”  post. Mayo’s voice is not new to the music industry she has worked with everyone from Brandy, Fantasia, Mary Mary and so many more in the business, add that to Mayo being an XFactor 2013 finalist and you realize her resume is pretty extensive.

With her single “The Cure” she has created a new theme song for everyone struggling with illness of any kind. When I watched the video I was moved because it matched the song (do you know how tired I am of watching videos that have zero to do with the song, especially when the song has such a strong message) so I am glad Mayo chose to have her video reflect the song. I love her voice and I cannot wait to hear more from her! Watch “The Cure” below…..


Live performance of “The Cure” at the Sunday Evening Serenade


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