New Video: Nello Luchi -Da Reign

New Video: Nello Luchi -Da Reign

Brooklyn native Nello Luchi is making noise with her classic New York rhymes that will make you smile because it reminds you of what real New York Hip Hop sounds like. I took the time to listen to her music in its entirety and I must say she has it. Every song from the beat to her lyrics are packaged together to make for a great body of work. I personally love “And Ya Say” that song takes me back to summers in Brooklyn, Luchi is a story teller and that is what the essence of Hip Hop is. Our most popular female emcees are not telling stories its all about shaking ya ass and wearing the tightest ensemble and its selling so other female artists are getting looked over because they are actually rapping about something.

Nello Luchi has a new video out “Da Reign” and from the gate you see Hip hop, its grungy but cool. Luchi could have taken the route of getting a bunch of dancers and have them jumping around for attention but the lack of everything glittery makes you pay attention to her words and its pretty dope. Check out the video below….



PS. Listen to her Breathe In Mixtape below…

Nello Luchi