New Yorker Advice for Connecticut DJs

New Yorker Advice for Connecticut DJs

This is my third year of attending college in Connecticut and over the years I’ve realized that CT parties just don’t be doing it like NY parties. Here are some tips for CT DJs to step their game up so CT parties can become so much better.

There are stages of music throughout the party. So instead of going back and forth all of the time and killing the vibe, you can play one genre of music for a certain period of time. For the first hour to two hours, you can play classic bump music, which is basically old school to some modern hip-hop. Once there are enough is when it’s time to start playing the latest trap music. Playing the latest trap music and hottest dances are a guaranteed way of getting people in the music.

However, the trap music shouldn’t be playing at 1 am. Once it starts hitting midnight or close to it, that’s when reggae comes in. Now there’s old school reggae, dancehall and soca. You can separate each type of reggae into three sections of the party to make the party last longer and be successful.

Right after the dancehall and soca is when you should start playing the slow dancehall music leading into sex session. Now I don’t know why DJs keep forgetting it, but sex session is a great way to end the party (if it isn’t already shut down). If the party is still going on, playing sex session is a must!

That’s all Connecticut DJs.


Mazi K