NFL Players Participate In #DadDo For Super Bowl Ad

NFL Players Participate In #DadDo For Super Bowl Ad

NFL players do their daughters hair

When you think of NFL players hair stylist is not one of the things that will come to mind. We have been seeing so many Super Bowl commercials and ads that will be featured but the Pantene Superbowl ad has got to be the cutest and best one yet. In these short ads that will run during the Superbowl you have NFL players DeAngelo Williams, Benjamin Watson, and Jason Witten, all trying to do their daughters hair. It’s so cute and adorable, I really loved the way they made it a point to give tips on how doing your daughters hair can be a bonding experience. It was also cool to watch these big NFL players be dads and cater to their daughters.

Pantene NFL superbowl commercial

Of course you can’t just have a commercial with little girls and their NFL player dads doing their hair and expect no backlash. In the days of “twitta fingers” everyone will have something to say. At the end of each ad, it ends with, “Girls who spend quality time with their dads grow up to be stronger women.” When I read it at the end I didn’t have a problem with message but then I noticed the comments,  some people were outraged by the message. One quote, the very first comment you see says,

the fact that at the end you said girls who spend more time with their dads become stronger women is terrible! how can you put that on there? what proof do you have? the commercial would have been perfect without that? you are just degrading the fact women are strong because of them, not men.

In today’s world everything someone says or does can be turned into something ugly, I don’t think Pantene meant that women have to depend on men for strength. However, showcasing men with their daughters bonding using something as simple as hair I believe was the message. I can see how the message can be taken wrong especially for girls who don’t have their dads in their lives. But I don’t think it was intended to offend, I loved the commercials…watch them below, the girls are the cutest!

#DadDo #1 DeAngelo Williams “Twisted Pigtails”

#DadDo #2 Benjamin Watson “Braided Pigtails”

#DadDo #3 Jason Witten “The Ballerina Bun”

#DadDo #4 DeAngelo Williams “The Princess Puff”