November Book Selection: “Secret” by Nia Forrester

November Book Selection: “Secret” by Nia Forrester

Hopefully you already know, but just in case you don’t know,  Dorm Room Television has a book club! The Dorm Room Book Club is another cool extension of Dorm Room Television. We choose a book every month, provide you with a monthly reading schedule (stick to the reading schedule it helps you to finish the book in a month’s time) and we also have a monthly discussion on the book that was selected for the month. The cool thing about it….it’s all online! You don’t have to leave your home to enjoy or connect with people reading “that book you couldn’t put down” with. There is nothing worse than reading a book, loving it, and having not a soul to talk to about the book with. So join our online book club, its simple and easy (and it’s on Facebook)! We also have giveaways, and who doesn’t love a cool giveaway?

This month we are reading “Secret” by Nia Forrester from the “Secret Series.”

41SFz0wVv9L._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_This book is sooooo goood !!!!! “Secret” is also Book 1 of the “Secret Series” there are two other books after (I love a good series). Some people prefer stand alone books, me I like a long read I always feel a little cheated if the book is too short or if I want more of the characters. I am glad this month’s book selection has two follow ups and just so you know the entire series is available! Make sure you join the Dorm Room Book Club because we have posted some exciting news for our monthly meetup!!!

PS: Our monthly book club chats happen the last Sunday of every month at 7pm est.