One Direction announce Action/1D

One Direction announce Action/1D

My favorite British boy band One Direction is asking the world for its help to make some changes to this planet we call home.

Yesterday, July 9th, the boys released a video campaign explaining the goals they wish to accomplish by teaming up with action/2015 and launching action/1D.

Action/2015 is a global citizens movement tackling three major issues plaguing our world and to ensure that action is taken against these issues by our world leaders.  images

According to their website, there are “over 1600 organizations around the world committed to fighting for a better future.”

“At two historic summits in September and December ,” describes Harry Styles (swoon), “world leaders will make decisions that affect important human issues.” The first summit will be held in September in New York to negotiate what needs to be done to “end poverty, reduce inequality, and tackle environmental destruction.” The second summit will be in Paris in December and here, world leaders to come to a “new climate agreement with the potential to secure a safer planet.”

Action2015The boys are simply asking their fans to prove “how incredible, passionate, and creative” we are by telling them what we want our world to look like in the future, explain Niall Horan and Liam Payne.

“Now is the time to raise our voices to show that we care,” says Louis Tomlinson. And the way to do that is to send in a picture or video of yourself showing the future you want for our world. These videos will be part of a film to be presented by Charity Save the Children UK, who have teamed up wit action/2015 and action/1D, to world leaders at the summit.

For more information, you can visit action2015.0rg or