Out of This World Strip Teases

Out of This World Strip Teases

I have a rather fierce opposition to many things, one of them being musicals (Grease is one of the few exceptions).  I just cannot stand how fake everything is; orphans do not constantly break out in song and dance and lions cannot sing. Sure, they are amusing and sometimes I do highly enjoy them, but usually I would prefer a little less singing and a lot more dick jokes.  My preferences were suited exactly this weekend when I saw the play,  Sex Tips for Straight Women From A Gay Man, inspired by the book with the same name.

The play started out a bit slow, and at first had me wondering why I decided to put on pants and spend money to watch mediocre comedy when I could have just as easily done the same for free, pants-less, in my bed. Yet after audience members began yelling out different names for penises, my interest was sparked and kept.

The play relied a lot on audience participation, something the tiny, still immensely shy part of me absolutely dreads if I am one of the audience members asked to participate. Thankfully, I did not need to dread that this time since a lovely 60 some year old couple were two of the main participants. If you have never heard an older woman say “me so horny” and rub an actor’s nipples on stage, I highly recommend it.

Three other audience members were later called on stage to demonstrate proper hand job techniques, a part of the play that was rather raunchy and totally rad. I do not want to give away too much in hopes that everyone who has the opportunity to see it will go do so, but I will give you a bit of an incentive. At the end of the play, a quite muscular man travels to outer space and gives the most fun strip tease you have ever seen.

It was very worth putting on pants to see the talented, occasional pants-less actors in this play. I guarantee you will be blown away. 😉