People really think they know you based off social media #smh

People really think they know you based off social media #smh

PerceptionI finally know how Beyonce feels! Okay that maybe taking it a step too far BUT I am walking along those lines. I wish the Beyonce feeling came because a family member left me all their money and now Beyonce and I have something in common “being rich.” But no that is not the reason I had a “Beyonce Moment” <== Oh Lawd I just called what I felt a #BeyonceMoment and then added a hash tag to make it official.

Well my “Beyonce moment” came from a simple comment on social media. I wish it were something more Beyonce ish but it was really that simple. But in the simple gesture to comment on a picture I put up I realized one huge fact, “People really think they know you based off social media.” Stop the track let me state facts <=== Okay the Beyonce lyrics are corny but it really is the truth, I was totally unaware that “regular” people had the issue of people actually thinking they knew people personally based off a social media site.


Silly me….I thought we were under a mutual agreement that everything posted on social media sites are what the person WANTS you to see. It’s like getting one side of a story, the story that makes the person posting look however they want themselves to look and we all judge that but knowing that it still is just one side of the story. Now oddly enough the person who even made me compare myself to Beyonce didn’t post anything nasty or rude the person simply made a statement displaying a like for what they thought my life was.

I found it interesting because Lil Kim lyrics really popped into my head the moment I read the comment “People been around me for years don’t know shit about me.” This person is my friend and not a distant friend, a friend who should have known that the comment they made literally was the exact opposite to what my life was really looking like. Then I had to think back for a moment and realize this time I was the victim of a social media assumption but I am sure I had been the culprit on more than one occasion and not even realized it.

1345489550525_9740339How many times have I passed judgement or believed that what I saw would be what I would get meeting the social media personality that is @______ in real life? On more than one occasion I have made the assumption that a person who I may have followed on twitter was cool UNTIL I came face to face with them and realized I liked them better in 140 characters or less world.

It happens to the best of us, but what happens when people who are supposed to know you make the same assumptions? I have made some really cool friendships mostly for networking purposes that turned into friendships based off of social media and for that I am thankful. On the other hand I cannot be thankful without being resentful because social media took away all the REAL PEOPLE! I mean it’s like we all went “Hollywood.” Everyone is trying to be someone else and its weird because even the people who I thought I knew if I went on their social media pages it reads like a bad reality television show.


I get that we are the generation who is obsessed with ourselves, we all want to get reality television shows, marry basketball players, and sit court side next to Beyonce and Jay Z. I understand that we are the generation who will do anything for a LIKE. I get all of that, what I don’t understand is how we all don’t get that it’s all fake? We sit on these sites for hours on end making sure we use “Amaro” because the selfie pic was dark, making sure we get enough “Likes” to fill the void in our lives but how did we forget to acknowledge that it was all not real.

When did we start believing this life that was on social media and having it represent us as real people? I made the comparison to Beyonce because at the moment she is one of the biggest artists out and people will defend or shoot her down. I mean according to certain people they know her entire life what she likes, loves, and hates. How her relationship is with her family and the best one yet, how she is as a wife and mother. It’s all based off of articles and pictures nothing more and nothing less. We have an entire life given and expected to be fully lived based on pictures and reports, Beyonce rarely does interviews and have few candid moments where she speaks her mind yet we all fully know her.

Do You Know MeIt’s even more ironic that I compared myself to Beyonce and actually thought we had something in common. But then again because I know her I knew she would feel the same way lol. It’s all fun and games when its a celebrity but what happens when its our real friends. What happens when people judge us and really treat us based on their assumptions or┬ápreconceived notions about who we are from a picture or a tweet.

Technology is not going backwards it moving forward at a rapid speed, each day there is some new social network bringing us all closer together. I always found it funny when these social media sites say their goal is to ‘bring people together” when I felt that it was driving people further apart. Yes the world is smaller but we don’t react to things the same, in my opinion social media is dehumanizing us as a people. It might be a far stretch to say it but scroll on your twitter feed and see the tweets, go on some of these video sites and see what people are posting, go on facebook and read some status updates. Nobody is talking to anyone anymore because we all think we know each other enough based on what we tweeted today or what picture was posted. We all have the same thing in common with Beyonce…then again we really don’t.