Pixar’s New “The Good Dinosaur” Trailer!

Pixar’s New “The Good Dinosaur” Trailer!

Prepare yourself for all the feels. Pixar does it again with the release of the first official trailer for their new film The Good Dinosaur. The movie addresses what might have happened had the dinosaurs not been wiped out 65 million years ago.


The star of the movie, or good dinosaur, is the orphan Apatosaurus Arlo who befriends a little boy by the name of Spot. The two soon become best buds as they travel through the most realistic and colorful scenery Pixar has done to date. It’s truly breathtaking the amount of detail that went into this film. The rain drops and scaly-ness of the dinosaurs skin all look incredible.

Originally, the movie was supposed to premiere back in 2014, but Pixar replaced director Bob Peterson (Up) with Peter Sohn (Partly Cloudy) in 2013, and shortly afterwords the movie featured a brand new cast and plot.

The film will feature child actor Raymond Ochoa as Arlo, as well as Jack Bright, Francis McDormond, Jeffrey Wright, AJ Buckey, Anna Paquin, Sam Elliot, and Marcus Scribner.

Pixar’s latest release Inside Out (which I STILL haven’t seen yet), a story about the five emotions living inside the head of a young girl, has, so far, earned more than $300 million world-wide. I can only expect similar results from this next project. Because ya know, it’s Pixar.

From this one trailer I immediately felt a wave of emotions throughout the entire two minute video. It had me smiling, laughing and even almost crying so I can’t even imagine how the whole film will be.

The movie is set to hit the theaters on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25th, so mark your calendars!