Plane Crash in the French Alps Carrying No Survivors

Plane Crash in the French Alps Carrying No Survivors

This past Tuesday a German airliner crashed into the French Alps resulting in 150 passengers and crewmembers dead. The passengers presumed dead included two infants, an opera singer, vacationers, as well as, a group of German 10 graders returning from a school trip to Spain.

The airliner was reported traveling on a normal flight path before suddenly going into a steep descent. The aircraft didn’t signal air traffic control before or after their descent. The plane was at a cruising altitude of 38,000 feet before it completely crashed into the rugged mountain terrain near the French ski resort of Prads-Haute-Bleone.

However, this isn’t the first time this aircraft, A320, has been the center of attention of fatal accidents. Investigators state that the plane might have failed due to technical failure.

This is really sad that these young children lost their lives in an unfortunate plane crash. It’s always devastating to hear about young children, like infants and high school students to lose their lives in a tragic event. I can’t begin to imagine war the family and friends of those individuals are feeling at the moment.

The French airlines should remove the aircraft or figure what’s the problem with the plane, since it’s the center of attention for fatal crashes. This would help relieve the problems within that particular type of aircraft. The plane crash in the French Alps is absoutely devastating and France should definitely look into this.


Mazi K