Princess Diaries 3?!

Princess Diaries 3?!

So, according to the Tracking Board, Disney is working toward a third Princess Diaries movie!! So far the story line is still a secret and there has been no comment as to whether or not Anne Hathaway is coming back.

BUT back in 2012, Access Hollywood asked Julie Andrews if a third Princess Diaries was even possible and she said she would “never say no…but I would think they’ll stay with just the two because of Annie” (Aw). Of course there would be nothing more perfect than to have both Andrews and Hathaway return, but at least there is some room to make a great movie with just one of the Queens of Genovia.Princess-Diaries-GIFs

The original 2001 Princess Diaries movie is based on the novel of the same name by Meg Cabot and is actually part of a 14 volume, including half volumes, whatever that is, book series! Cabot is also releasing The Princess Diaries Volume XI: The Royal Wedding, or the new “adult” installment of the series. That’s a lot of material for Disney to work with. Like maybe a new princess?


The newest volume of the series is actually supposed to take place five years after the previous book, Forever Princess. It follows a matured Queen Mia and a brand-new character, Mia’s half sister Olivia Grace. Perhaps she will be introduced in “Princess Diaries 3?”

I’m not usually one for sequels of semi-outdated movies, but honestly as long as I get to see Julie Andrews as the Queen again, I’m happy.