Problems with Being a Camp Counselor

Problems with Being a Camp Counselor

Since I started my fantastic seasonal job at camp for the last month, I’ve realized what a headache it’s been dealing with kids for eight hours a day five days a week. So here are some of my everyday problems with being a camp counselor:

1. The older kids with sassy attitudes 


2. When a camper wants to bring toys all the time on EVERY TRIP THEY GO ON! Even after you say NO!


3. Serving 17 kids lunch because they can’t get it themselves



4. Going on great trips like Splish Splash but you then realize you have to watch 8-year-olds the whole time

5. Dealing with the children drama. And I’m just like


6. Pretending you are interested in what the children are saying so you can get tips

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7. One of them always wanting to hold your hand even when it’s 100 degrees outside with humidity 

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And these are only some problems with being a camp counselor. 

PS: I still have a three weeks left.

*Depressed Snap*

Mazi K