#ReportingLiveFromMY9to5….The 9 to 5 Blues.

#ReportingLiveFromMY9to5….The 9 to 5 Blues.

nine_to_fiveWe have all been there and unless you go straight into your career of choice we will all have to do some time at the “9 to 5.” This is the job where you sit somewhere doing something that you really dislike but keep getting up in the morning to go back for more pain because you need the paycheck. It can sometimes be the worst part of your day…the sad part is that it takes up so many hours in your day. People truly don’t realize the amount of time people spend at the 9 to 5 job trying to make it to the career. We are in an country where the economy is struggling and companies know it so they are scared to hire and quick to lay you off.

quit-job-office-spaceI have many friends and associates that are going through what I call the “9 to 5 blues.” The reason why your blue is because you went to school to be more than an administrative assistant (the person who makes the coffee and answers the phones.) You start to feel like your wasting your time and your talent, and while you may be feeling stressed and depressed there is one thing you may not be considering. Consider this, maybe your 9 to 5 is preparing you for your dream job. I know you may have now stopped reading to say Sharee, you have finally lost it how in the world could my boring depressing 9 to 5 be preparing me for my dream job? Well for starters if your boring 9 to 5 job is a desk job you might have never considered the idea that you would even hate a desk job. You also might now realize that you would prefer a job where you can be more creative or hands on, you might have also realized that you do like jobs where there is autonomy.

You should also consider that your 9 to 5 might really be helping you define more clearly what exactly your dream job is. I have met countless people who know they are not in their dream job but cannot specifically tell what their dream job truly is. Maybe your 9 to 5 will let you know what you don’t want to be doing as a career.

9to5I do however really wish that the 9-5 people would understand that your dream job is not simply going to appear out of thin air. Hating your job everyday and doing absolutely nothing about it will do nothing for your life and your stress level (trust me I have done it before.)

You are better off working that 9 to 5 and not quitting until you have a real life plan in motion. I remember I had a friend who quit her job because she didn’t like it, she wanted to be in fashion and really thought her 9 to 5 was hindering her from being the next June Ambrose. Only problem was she had no real plan on how she was going to make the transition from actually having an income from the hated 9 to 5 to afford the lifestyle she was accustomed to and the company she was trying to build.

I am not saying that people should not go after the Dream Job, I am saying that going after the dream job on whim with no real plan might not be the best option either. I honestly believe the 9 to 5 jobs in some way shape or form prepare you for the dream job. Even if it’s just preparing you by getting you accustomed to dressing up for the job (do you know how many people in the 20 somethings still do not have a full month’s worth of business casual attire?) Every situation and in this case job can be a learning experience, sometimes just to get through the day you have to find something in your day at your 9 to 5 where you can say ” I will take this and use it when I am doing my dream job.” I worked at a job a while back in which I did not like, the only thing that was a positive were the people. Almost everyone who I met and connected with had some other hustle and dream they were chasing. Underneath the business attire and coffee breathe were bloggers, models, graphic designers, promoters, bakers, and so much more.

Once I started talking and networking with my fellow co-workers I realized we all had more in common than we thought. Every day we would get up come to work from 8 to 5 do that job and at 5pm our dream jobs became the focus. If nothing else I realized that you can find opportunity in anything…even the most hated 9 to 5.