Return of the Gilmore Girls

Return of the Gilmore Girls

As of two days ago, Netflix has decided to revive the hit ABC Family’s TV show, Gilmore Girls. During the last year, Netflix has placed the entire series and took note of how many subscribers were binge watching the show (including me).

After seeing the wide variety of people binge watching the show, Netflix has decided to release four 90 minute long episodes of the revived Gilmore Girls.

They are trying to get the old cast back in action, so the fans can enjoy the revival of the show! Even though the show was cancelled eight years ago, fans are still watching it now!

I love Gilmore Girls. I remember watching it when I was younger and my mom used to think it was too old for my age. But that didn’t matter to me because I still watched it at my dad’s house.

It made me want a mother/daughter relationship like that if I were to ever have a daughter. And it settles in a small town with a close neighborhood of people, which is something I kind of want but I know that it would never happen (city girl problems).

I cannot wait for the return of Gilmore Girls to come back on Netflix because I will be binge watching from the first season all the way until the last season! It’s the return of the Gilmore Girls! Are you ready?


Mazi K