Review on “A Girl Like Her”

Review on “A Girl Like Her”

It’s Saturday night and I have no plans, so what does that mean? It’s time for me to start watching something new on Netflix. Since I just finished Private Practice, I was contemplating on what to watch. Then I found the movie, A Girl Like Her, which is about a teenage girl committing suicide because she was being bullied.

I was reading the reviews of the movie like I usually do before watching anything on Netflix to see if it’s worth my time. Most of the reviews loved it and gave it 5 stars commenting that every child in high school should watch this. However, there are always some negative reviews. These mentioned that the acting was terrible and there was little plot that was dragged on for 90 minutes.

After watching, I can honestly say that the movie was good. It wasn’t great or perfect, but it was good and different. The movie does cover a controversial topic that applies to a lot of teenagers lives’. I liked that the movie followed the documentary theme rather than switching from documentary to a regular movie theme. The way everything was filmed it was like the camera was just capturing whatever moments were happening in everyone’s lives. There were times when I was so caught up in the movie that I almost forgot that it was a “documentary,” until someone mentioned getting the camera out of there.

I was surprised to find out that the true main character of the film wasn’t Jessica Burns (the girl who committed suicide), but it was the bully herself, Avery Keller. Avery was the stereotypical popular girl in high school with problems going on within her home. She used to be best friends with Jessica and all of sudden she began bullying her. Avery used to send her hateful messages, emails and Facebook posts. She would threaten to beat Jessica up. She cornered her and did everything possible to make Jessica’s time at high school difficult. When it was first found out that Jessica attempted to commit suicide, Avery just stated that they grew apart despite what everyone said about her bullying Jessica. However, what Avery didn’t know was that Jessica had a hidden camera on her, so she recorded everything Avery did to her in person.

It wasn’t until Avery saw the footage at the end of the movie that she truly realized that she was a bully. It was at that moment that I realized that she didn’t really think she caused that girl to kill herself. To Avery, she was just being a mean girl, but she caused another human being to feel that killing themselves was the only way to escape her.

So I don’t think there was bad acting in the film, it was a different type of documentary style to portray the effects of bullying on the victim and the bully. If you have nothing to do on a Saturday night then watch A Girl Like Her!

Mazi K