Rihanna’s 2 in 1 video for “Work”

Rihanna’s 2 in 1 video for “Work”

Rihanna gives us two videos in one for “Work”

Rihanna has been pulling our strings for a minute, first we waited for her album Anti and then we waited for her to release her new video for her single “Work.” And finally Rihanna dropped the video for Work  featuring her on again off again boo when it comes to videos Drake lol. The video starts off simple, both Rihanna and Drake enter a Caribbean restaurant and it turns into a basement bashment. Rihanna wines and grinds on Drake and leaves us all wondering if they will ever have something going on in real life. The video takes you back to that time when you were at “that party” grinding on him or her and makes you want to revisit the moment. The video slows down and speeds up so you can see details of what’s going on and then speeds up so you don’t get stuck in the moment.

Rihanna and Drake "Work"

Just when you thought the video was over it goes into the second video where Rihanna and Drake are the only ones in the video. In a pink and purple living room the second video is more intimate and Rihanna wearing even less. I thought the first video was cool enough to be a standalone without the second video being added. I loved the dancing and the clothes in the first video, the second video should have been a skit or something to leave us wondering if Rihanna and Drake actually had something going on. Watch the video below…

Video: Rihanna -Work ft. Drake

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL1UzIK-flA[/embedyt]