RIP Lee Thompson Young

RIP Lee Thompson Young

lee_thompson_young_dead_29When I was first introduced to actor  Lee Thompson Young it was while watching the Disney channel. He was the cute boy with the gorgeous eyes on “The Famous Jett Jackson.” The storyline was about a regular high school student who was basically a superhero fighting crimes and juggling the woes of school at the same time.

Now to hear that he has passed away due to what news reports are saying was a suicide is heartbreaking to hear. Young was just 29 years old when he was found lying lifeless in his LA apartment early Monday morning. I know people are always quick to jump to conclusions and its sad that when someone takes their own life people do not feel sad for them. I saw comments as well as facebook statuses from people saying things like “If he wanted to die then why is this news,” or “I am sorry I just dont feel bad for him.” Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion so I am not here to argue about your own feelings that for you to deal with. But I will day this, Lee was someone’s child, someone lost their son, someone lost their friend, someone lost a family member,  and for that reason alone its a hurtful experience.

You never know what someone is going through no matter what the news reports because you were not there. Yes we can all comment and make assumptions about what may or may not have happened but to me its still not okay to say “oh well” when a person takes their own life. You have to be more open to thinking about it in a different manner, what was hurting him so bad that the only way he knew how to deal with it was to say I would rather die? I think we have to change how we view people and realize they are human, because we judge before we know and expect no judgments to be placed on us. May his parents and family find the strength to get through this time because its going to be hard.