Seashells, Not Starbucks Cups

Seashells, Not Starbucks Cups

This past week for Spring Break I pulled a stereotypical college kid move and went to Florida. Actually, it was not so stereotypical at all considering I spent most of my time petting cats, consulting the Ouija board, and turning down shots of Brandy from old men at 11am.

I have been to Florida four times now and thus spent a combined total of one month of life there. Each  separate week I visited, at some point it has rained, and I have thrown up and cried for various reasons. So logic would tell me not to visit the place again. Ever. But I had an airline voucher and a place to stay there for free this time, so I figured I would give it another non Brandy shot. Besides, despite all that stuff happening each time, I still have a lot of fond memories of Florida.

This time I visited the small town of Melbourne and spent most of the week hating the Irish for my easily burn-able skin. Despite getting sun poisoning and looking like half a lobster and half an albino after the first hour of falling asleep on half of my face, I still love the beach. I would assume most people who frequent the beach love it too. But from some of the litter I saw on the beaches there, this does not appear to be the case. People do not treat the beaches as if they truly love them.  I want to be stepping on sand and seashells on the beach, not cigarette butts and Katie’s skinny vanilla frappuccino  Starbucks cup.

I think everyone who uses the beach should respect it, and it is sad that this apparently does not go without saying. When the tide comes in, that litter is obviously pulled out to the ocean, the habitat of millions of animal and plant life. Imagine some giant strangers coming into your home and dumping a bag full of trash onto your favorite La-Z-Boy in your living room. That is essentially what humans do when we leave non biodegradable material behind at the beach. I know it seems like common sense, but after seeing the amount of trash on the otherwise gorgeous beaches this week, I thought it could only help to blog about it. I would love to get all my lovely readers (who I know are perfect in every way and have never even spit Hubba Bubba gum on the street as a kid) to help me spread the word about reminding others that the next time they visit a beach or any beautiful place in nature,they should remember they are a guest in the home of thousands.

Be courteous and thankful that you get to enjoy their home and for the love of iced coffee drinks people, pick up your cup after you are done.